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THE CHURCH – Sunday 10.30am

In this short mini series Pastor Sabino looks at What is the Church?


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The book of Acts is the sequel to the Book of Luke and teaches us about the early life of the church.


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Book of Luke

Pastor Sabino teaches through the book of Luke about the most important figure in human history, Jesus Christ.

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Book of Ruth

Stephen takes us through the Book of Ruth in this story of God’s sovereignty and redemption.

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Book of Daniel

Andrew Bruff takes us through some of the highs and lows of the Book of Daniel

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The book of Ephesians teaches us God’s salvation plan and our identity in Christ as believers.

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This Easter Message answers the question, “How do we reignite the momentum of the early church towards the great commission?”

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This two-part Vision Series lays the foundation of what our church is called to do.

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Kingdom Living

If we are going to live out the principles of the kingdom of Jesus here on earth, then we must prioritise our faith

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